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Arlington Offers Trifecta of July Handicapping Seminars/Contests

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Unique Third Seminar/Contest Added to Schedule

“Where have all the contests gone?” asked fans, word-playing on that folk song popularized by The Kingston Trio. 

Those fans perhaps weren’t remembering with precision the current summer-series schedule of handicapping seminars/contests.  That schedule called for a one-month hiatus from early June to early July.

But we are making up for it, starting this Saturday, July 9.  In conjunction with Million Preview Day, I will conduct a pre-race handicapping seminar, beginning at noon, in the Starting Gate Theater located on the second floor at the top of the Grand Staircase.  I also will host the third in the series of Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) handicapping contests.

Million Preview Day is perhaps my second-favorite day of racing at Arlington, simply because the day features three prep races for the Big Three races of Million Day:  the Secretariat, Beverly D., and Million.  Many of the horses entered in the preps will come back on Million Day, therefore, we will have a better line on them come August 13.

That makes Saturday a great day for a contest since we have 11 races from which to choose contest wagers.  At the end of the day, one of you will have the highest bankroll and will be the winner of a trip to Las Vegas, valued at over $2,000, to play in next February’s Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series where the top prize is estimated to be $300,000.  What’s better than a big racing day in July, where you can play for FREE to win money that day, also possibly win a trip to Vegas, and also possibly win $300,000?

Three chances in July, that’s what is better.  Remember, our AHC schedule calls for a second contest in two weeks, on Saturday, July 23.

But wait!  There’s more!  (Been watching too much late-night TV!). 

Arlington Park is ready to open our latest addition to our stable of Off-Track Betting (OTB) facilities.  The new facility is in Villa Park and our grand opening to the public is scheduled for July 18 to July 23.  This is a second facility with the Salerno-Pincente partners of our very successful and well-received Hodgkins facility.

As an added feature for the public, we have added a third July seminar/contest to be held at our new Villa Park facility on Thursday, July 21. 

This is a stand-alone contest, so to speak.  It’s an adjunct to our summer AHC series in that it is offered in the summer, plus it will offer the same prize structure with a top prize of the coveted trip to Las Vegas.  It is different in that points earned in this July 21 contest will not be added to the cumulative totals for the summer AHC series.  Also, the beginning bankroll will be $50, the same as it has been for all Arlington OTB contests.

I will present a handicapping seminar at noon, going over the afternoon’s Arlington races.  The new Villa Park facility was built to be similar to the Hodgkins facility, and therefore also has a banquet room that we will use for the day.  Remember to sign up with Jake or me for prize drawings, and sign up with John Lisowski for the handicapping contest.  I suggest arriving early to secure a seat at a table in the banquet room where you can spread out your work and enjoy the fine Italian food. 

For more details on the contests, click here then scroll down to Arlington Will Pay You This Summer to Win $300,000 Next Winter! and click on that title.

For more details on our new Villa Park facility click here then scroll down to Trackside Villa Park and click.  Included there is a link to the restaurant where you can view their menu.  You will also find a map, although if I point out that the facility is just a half-mile west of Route 83 on the south side of North Avenue, that may be all you need to know.  Plus, it looks much like the Hodgkins OTB.  The facility is easily accessible from not only Route 83, but also from I-294 and I-355.  

So, clear your calendar, ask for the afternoon off, and join us as we make our maiden voyage to the new Villa Park facility for the seminar, the contest, the food, and the camaraderie with our racing friends.

Email me at with questions, or suggestions for future blog stories.

We want to send you to Las Vegas, but you can’t win it unless you are in it!


M. Scott McMannis

  • Handicapping Seminar and Contest Host, Arlington Park
  • Expert Selections Handicapper,
  • Midwest Correspondent, The HorsePlayer Magazine
  • Owner and Publisher, The McMannis Speed Figure & Trip Note Service Newsletter,
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