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Arlington Park Announces 2012 Summer AHC Series of Handicapping Seminars/Contests

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Eight Contests Offer Chances to Win Trips to Las Vegas for National Tourneys

Arlington Park will again be offering its Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) series of handicapping contests, coupled with handicapping seminars, during the 2012 summer racing season.  The seminar/contest format will be offered on eight Saturdays, seven on track and one at Arlington’s new Orland Hills betting parlor.

Each contest will be preceded by my handicapping seminar where I will offer insights into that afternoon’s Arlington races.  The seminar will begin approximately one hour before first post, and will be held in the Starting Gate Theater which is on the second floor at the top of the Grand Staircase.  You do not need to be playing in that day’s handicapping contest to attend my seminar. I will remain in the Starting Gate Theater all afternoon to answer questions and to talk racing and handicapping.

The handicapping contests will resume with a format similar to, but not totally the same as, that of recent summers.  The contests are free to enter, and require the contestant to establish a $100 bankroll.  The objective is to run up the bankroll as high as possible, just like a day at the races.  The contestant’s bankroll balance is always his or hers.

There are several changes from past AHC contests, changes of which contestants need be aware.

First, contestants can wager on any Thoroughbred race from any track, between the hours of 11:15 AM and 6:30 PM.  Any horizontal multi-race wagers started before 6:30 PM count for contest purposes.

Second, the minimum number of races required to be bet will now be one, rather than the previous five.  Of course, a contestant can bet more races than just the one required, if he or she chooses.

Another important change from recent Arlington handicapping contests is the new prize structure, below:

     *  First prize:  A $1,000 entry into the Twin Spires Online Handicapping Championship (TSOHC).

     *  Second Prize:  A $200 entry into the Twin Spires monthly handicapping contest.

     *  Third Prize:  A $50 entry into the Twin Spires weekly handicapping contest.   

The first-prize TSOHC entry is an important change because it offers opportunities to win your way into both national handicapping tournaments to be held next winter in Las Vegas, the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship (NHC) and the Coast Casinos Horseplayer World Series (HWS).  In recent years Arlington has been unable to award berths in the NHC, but now Arlington fans again have the opportunity to win their way to the NHC.

The TSOHC will be awarding 100 trips to Las Vegas.  The top 20 finishers will win berths into the NHC, while the remaining 80 finishers will win berths into the HWS.  Here’s an important consideration:  The TSOHC will be limited to 350 entries.  That means you have very favorable odds of 7-2 to win a trip to Las Vegas, odds that often equate to second favorite.

Once in Las Vegas you will compete for a top prize of $750,000 in the NHC, and a top prize estimated to be $300,000 in the HWS.  And, you pay nothing for the chance since there is no entry fee for Arlington handicapping contests!

Plus, if you finish second or third in an AHC contests, you win another chance to earn your way into the TSOHC.  And it’s another free chance.

The following is the schedule of the 2012 AHC Summer Series of handicapping contests/seminars.  All seminars/contests will be held at Arlington EXCEPT June 2:

     *  May 26

     *  June 2:  At Arlington Trackside Orland Hills located in Sam’s Triple Crown

     *  June 23

     *  July 7

     *  July 28

     *  August 4

     *  August 25

     *  September 15

As one fan said so eloquently, “There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I can see the rainbow, now I just need to get there.”  With eight contests, and considering that one can play two entries, you have 16 chances to win your way to the two major Las Vegas tournaments where the pot of gold is located.  Even if you “only” finish second or third in an AHC Saturday contest, you earn yet another chance to win your way into the TSOHC “launch pad” to the “Big Dance” Las Vegas tourneys.

However, as I like to say, “You can’t win it unless you’re in it!  So get in it!  You have nothing to lose since there is no entry fee, and you have the chance to win six figures!  Would that change your life?  Or, at least give it a big boost?

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We want to send you to Las Vegas but you can’t win it unless you get in it! See you at Arlington!


M. Scott McMannis

  • Handicapping Seminar and Contest Host, Arlington Park
  • Midwest Correspondent, The HorsePlayer Magazine
  • Owner and Publisher, The McMannis Speed Figure & Trip Note Service Newsletter,
  •      Arlington Trainer Patterns, and
  •         Hawthorne Trainer Patterns