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Arlington Will Pay You This Summer to Win $300,000.00 Next Winter!

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Play in Our Free Handicapping Contests and the Dream Could be Yours!

Do I have your attention?  Follow me with this. 

In 2008 Arlington Park began to offer free handicapping contests using an innovative live-money (sometimes called real-money) format.  The contests have continued to grow in popularity, and are now offered almost year-round.

This summer, for our 2011 live meet, we are once again presenting our Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) contest series.  We will be offering seven handicapping contests, and awarding seven trips to Las Vegas to compete in the February, 2012, Coast Casinos Horseplayer World Series (HWS) where the top prize is estimated to be $300,000.00!  

The first AHC contest is this Saturday, May 28, with six more contests to follow.  The complete schedule is:

     *  Saturday, May 28

     *  Saturday, June 11

     *  Saturday, July 9

     *  Saturday, July 23

     *  Saturday, August 20

     *  Saturday, September 10

     *  Saturday, September 24

Each of the first six contests in the AHC series will have a top prize of a paid entry into the HWS.  If you the top finisher in any one of the first six summer AHC contests, Arlington will pay your $1,500 entry fee into the World Series, plus give you a $350 travel voucher, plus pay for your hotel room during the World Series tournament, plus give you some cash, a $2,200+ prize package!  That’s in addition to the money you won in the weekly contests!

Then there is the Consistency Prize.  All through the summer series, each contestant accumulates points.  On the final Saturday, September 24, the contest is “For Points Only” a “Last Chance” contest for everyone to build their summer series contest account balance.  Then, the player with the highest balance for the summer also wins the same Las Vegas prize package as the first six weekly winners.   

Let's say you finish first again, this time in the World Series.  The top prize this year was over $300,000.00!  How would winning that amount of money affect your life?  Would you feel good about turning a free entry into more than a quarter-million dollars? Of course you would.

Our contests are free to enter.  You simply register at the Twin Spires Club service counter and receive a contest wagering card (a plastic voucher) that makes it easy for us to track everyone's contest wagers.  Then put $100 on your contest wagering card.  Remember, the balance on your contest wagering card always remains yours. 

Complete contest rules are on Arlington's web site ( and you can view them, even print them out, if you click here.

Undecided?  It’s simple.  If you are going to wager $100 on a Saturday afternoon, you owe it to yourself to enter the contests because you have nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to win.  In addition to the top prize of a trip to Vegas, there are weekly runner-up prizes. 

At approximately one hour before Arlington’s first race, I will be conducting a free handicapping seminar on Arlington’s afternoon card.  The seminars will be held in the Starting Gate Theater located at the top of the Grand Staircase and across from the Twin Spires Service Center.  You don’t have to be in the contest to attend my seminar, but why wouldn’t you be?  You have nothing to lose.  Be sure to sign up for my drawings.  Bring friends and family members.  Have them enter the contest, too.  Help each other.  Agree ahead of time that if one of you wins, all will go to Vegas for a "working vacation."

Never played in one of our handicapping contests before?  Don’t worry.  For each of the last two years at least six Vegas-trip winners won on their first contest try!  In fact, the winner of our recently-concluded spring series was a first-timer. Beginner’s luck lives! 

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of playing in the Horseplayer World Series?  Don’t be.  At the end of the year we will be holding a special workshop where I, and past World Series players, will coach you on what to expect and how to approach going to Las Vegas and playing in the World Series.

There.  Now you have no reason not to play in these contests.  You can win it, but you must get in it! 

I will see you, and your handicapping partners, every contest Saturday beginning May 28.  Sign up at the Twin Spires Club Service Center for the handicapping contest, and sign up with me for the seminar and the drawings.

Questions?  Email me at or see me at Arlington.



 M. Scott McMannis

     Handicapping Seminar and Contest Coordinator, Arlington Park

     Expert Selections Handicapper,

     Midwest Correspondent, The HorsePlayer Magazine

     Owner and Publisher, The McMannis Speed & Trip Service Newsletter

            And Arlington and Hawthorne Trainer Patterns