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David Sellner Wins the June 23, 2012, AHC Handicapping Contest

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Creighton Schoenfeldt and Jason Gordon Round Out the Top Three

Like father like son, the old saying goes.  If the last name of Gordon sounds familiar to contest followers, it should since Hilton Gordon won the first handicapping contest of the Summer, 2012, Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) series.  But we’ll get to son Jason Gordon’s story later. 

First things first.

Dave Sellner looked around for more opportunity and found it, fortunately for him.

“I came to the track and entered the contest with one serious Arlington bet in mind,” he began.  “I really liked the Catalano maiden, Arcade, in the sixth race and I was looking to key off him in the exotics.

“But it’s a long time until the sixth race so I began looking around at other tracks and became interested in the pick four at Monmouth,” continued Sellner.  “I hit the first three legs and then, as the horses were going to the gate for the last leg, the favorite was scratched. 

“I had that horse on my ticket, but I also had the horse that won,” Sellner explained.  “However, my probable payout of around $800 became about $540 due to the late scratch.”

Sellner wasn’t done.  “When we got to the Arlington 6th, I bet a $40 exacta on Arcade (3-5) to Smokem Gray (6-1) who finished second, and the payout of $10.60 for $2 boosted my bankroll to $707.60,” he concluded.

His first-place finish earns Sellner a paid entry, worth $1,000, into the November 24 Twin Spires On-Line Handicapping Championship (TSOHC).  Should he finish in the top 20 in the TSOHC, Sellner will win a paid trip to Las Vegas to compete in the January, 2013, DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship (NHC).  Should he finish in the next 80 he will be going to the February, 2013, Coast Casinos Horseplayer World Series (HWS).  The two national tourneys offer top prizes of approximately $750,000 and $300,000, respectively.

“I’d love to win my way into either national tournament,” declared Sellner.  “I’ve played once in the NHC and three times in the HWS.  I’ve had some success in tournaments and believe I can again.”

Our second- and third-place finishers from last Saturday still can earn their way into the TSOHC.  Second-finisher Creighton Schoenfeldt earns a berth into the next monthly Twin Spires contest which feeds into the TSOHC, and third-finisher Jason Gordon will compete in a weekly Twin Spires contest to keep his chances of a TSOHC berth alive.

Creighton Schoenfeldt’s story is the old Woulda Coulda Shoulda (or is it the other way around?) lament.   

“I could have won this thing if I had played smarter,” began Schoenfeldt. 

He continued, “I started out with $5 win-place bets and began building my bankroll, so I increased those up to $10 win-place and kept improving it.  Then came the first pick four.

“I had the first three legs, but not the fourth leg winner, Taty’s Gold (5.50-1),” Schoenfeldt revealed.  “What’s crazy is, I liked the horse enough to bet it separately! That’s good, I guess, since I at least won something by betting the horse I omitted from my pick four.

“The second pick four was a similar story, I’m sorry to say,” admitted Schoenfeldt.  “I had the first three legs plus, in the last leg, I had the 10-cent superfecta, the $1 trifecta, and the $2 exacta, but I didn’t have the winner (Affair Dabbler) on my pick four ticket.  So, I ended up with $638.68 but that could have been a lot higher.”

Schoenfeldt remained philosophical.  “We all have our bad-beat stories, and it’s easy to see how we could have played something after the results are in.  I don’t mind seeing Dave Sellner win, he’s a good guy and a good player.

“I’ve been to Las Vegas for tournaments before, and I’m anxious to get back there and play again,” Schoenfeldt stated.  “I want to do well representing Chicago.”

Jason Gordon began by giving due credit.  “Naturally I was inspired by my dad’s win of the May handicapping contest,” said Gordon.  “Plus, dad was encouraging and helpful, as was his friend, Laz Chapman.”

That high-powered backing paid a dividend of a third-place finish for Gordon.

“I’m excited to have done so well in my first attempt in the handicapping contests,” Gordon revealed.  “My dad won on his first attempt, now I finished third, and our cousin, Marc Gordon, finished fifth in his first attempt, which also was last Saturday.”

One could conclude that the Gordons are cut out for this sort of thing.

Jason Gordon came out with guns blazing, to appropriate a characteristic of his father.  “I bet $20 to win on Texas Hedge ($9.80) in Arlington’s first race, plus I part-wheeled him with three horses in the second with $4 daily doubles, one of which worked (Sheriff Bart, $31.60 DD).  That got me off to a good start.

“With winnings now added to my contest bankroll, I stepped up my bet size with a $50 win-place bet on Taty’s Gold ($11.00/$4.60),” continued Gordon.

“I capped it off with an exacta at Calder that added another $100 or so to my bankroll, making it $589.40,” summarized Gordon.  “Now I’m anxious to win my way forward into an entry into one of the national tournaments in Las Vegas.  I’ve been there with my dad before and I want to go back and play my own entry.”

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We want to send you to Las Vegas but you can’t win it unless you get in it! See you at Arlington!


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