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A Day in the Life of Arli

Arlington Park Communications | 06/14/2014 #

By: Arli, the Official Arlington Mascot

I have the best job in the world!  Not many people out there know what it’s like to be an official mascot, but I’m here to tell you.  When I first came to Arlington International Racecourse, I was easily amazed.  There are so many amazing horses and so many awesome guests all over the place – it’s easy to be awestruck.  But I quickly adjusted and now have no problem spending my day horsing around with families, playing pranks and giving high fives.  My day typically runs like this:

I start off my day with a morning run on the track.  I prefer the turf but like to keep up on the Polytrack too, especially if the turf condition isn’t up to par.  I usually listen to music and do a little daydreaming while I run to get my spirits high for the rest of the day. It is every horse’s dream to run the Arlington Million, and I hope to someday have a chance to be a contender. No, I’m not quite that fast yet, but I figure it’s always good to dream!

After my morning work, I head to The Park.  I’m kind of a big horse on campus, so I get stopped a lot for photos with fans (but I don’t let it go to my head – that’s big enough as it is!).  I like to make sure I’m keeping folks entertained, especially the little kids or the people waiting in lines.  My favorite times are when I get to show off some of my signature dance moves, but I’ve got some favorite pranks to pull too.  Some of the classics are stealing hats or poking someone’s back then blaming their friend for it.  And in the midst of all my fun, I have to remember to drink plenty of water.  I do a lot of work in the hot sun, and horses need to stay hydrated, too! 

Once the day is done, I’ll occasionally stop by Mr. D’s Sports Bar to grab a soda and unwind.  But as I reflect on the day, a big smile always hits my face when I realize I get to do it all again tomorrow.