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Experiences Unlike Any Other

Arlington Park Communications | 07/24/2014 #

By:  Alyssa Ali, Marketing Manager & Television Personality

Arlington and horse racing have been a part of my life since I was born.  Literally.  My dad is a racehorse trainer so I can remember being pushed around in a stroller around the Paddock (I don’t actually remember that part, I’ve just seen pictures), spending multiple birthday parties at the track, putting dibs on retired racehorses to add to my family of pets, working seasonally in the TV department starting in high school, and getting married here last October. 

To put it simply, I’m incredibly passionate (passionate enough to work here for 10 seasons and get married here!) about Arlington and the racing industry and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to apply my education to become a Television Reporter and Marketing Manager in the industry I’ve spent all of my life in.

So I had it easy – I grew up in this.  It’s easy for me to understand the value of the sport and how much of a gem Arlington is.  But I’m 26 and in that age range where I’ve met people who’ve never been to Arlington (or any track for that matter) or envision the stereotypical environment of a racetrack.  But people’s perceptions are changing and it’s because of what Arlington offers Chicagoland and the racing industry.

What other sporting venue can combine a historical sport with fashion with beer with upscale food with live music with themed events and with winning CASH MONEY

Not to mention the horses that call Arlington home for the summer.  I’m a proud owner of two retired racehorses who both raced at Arlington for the majority of their career.  These horses are beautiful animals and athletes and to see them in action is incredibly amazing.

The combination that Arlington and the “Sport of Kings” is something everyone from age 3-90 can appreciate and enjoy – this isn’t your average experience. 

For those who watch me on TV or know me on a personal level, you know that I can talk forever…so I’ll stop and end it here.  Moral of the story - Come and join us any day, and you’ll have a fantastic time.  #ThisIsArlington