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Arlington Park Communications | 12/27/2010 #

IMPORTANT NEWS!!  We are currently planning our 2011 schedule of handicapping contests and seminars.  That schedule will include a series during our live race meet (May 6 - September 25) as well as a Spring OTB Tour and a Fall OTB Tour.  Details will be announced beginning in January.  Check back here.  You can read the story below for an overview of our Fall, 2010, OTB Tour.

          Eighteen Chances to Win One of Nine (9!) Expense-paid Trips to Las Vegas for the HWS

Arlington is conducting a tour of its OTB facilities this fall.  The Tour stops at a different OTB on different Saturdays and will feature a FREE handicapping seminar at noon followed by a FREE handicapping contest during the afternoon.  Top prize EACH SATURDAY is a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series (HWS) on February 17-19, 2011.  Arlington will pay your entry fee into the HWS, pay for your hotel, give you a travel voucher, and give you prize money, a package valued at $2,200!  In Vegas you could win the HWS first prize of $250,000!  Would you like to parlay $50 into $2,200 into $250,000?  Play in as many contests as your can to enhance your chances of winning one of the NINE Vegas trips!  Play two entries for 18 chances to win!

Here are the basics of the FREE handicapping contests:

   *  No entry fee.

   *  Live-money format -  Everyone starts with the same real $50 bankroll.  Two entries for $100.

   *  Your goal:  run up your bankroll as high as you can, like any day at the races.

   *  Prizes paid to the top five finishers each Saturday.

   *  Wager on a minimum 5 Hawthorne races of your choice (more if you wish) - no mandatory races.

   *  Wager a minimum $50 (more if you're winning) in any Hawthorne pool, you choose amounts and wagers.

   *  Your account balance is yours at all times - keep all winnings.

We created a contest with minimal restrictions and maximum flexibility so it mirrors a day at the races as much as possible.  You need to be in this contest.  You have nothing to lose but you have a chance to parlay $50 into a trip to Las Vegas (worth approximately $2,200) where you could further parlay into winning $250,000!  And, if you win a trip, it is a bonus because you made and kept money, by wagering profitably, in the process of winning the trip! 

For complete contest information, including rules and more, ask your local OTB staff or, click here for contest rules.  For the complete schedule of dates, locations, and more, suitable for printing, click hereStill have questions?  Send them to me at  

It comes down to this.  If you are going to wager $50 on a Saturday afternoon, you must play in this contest.  You have nothing to lose, but you have a chance to win, and win big.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  We are awarding 31 trips to Las Vegas, more than any other racetrack, and we want to send you.  But you must get in it to win it!


M. Scott McMannis

 - Seminar and Contest Coordinator, Arlington Park

 - Expert Selections Handicapper,

 - Midwest Correspondent, The HorsePlayer Magazine

 - Owner/Publisher, Arlington Trainer Patterns, Hawthorne Trainer Patterns, and

      The McMannis Speed & Trip Service Weekly Newsletter