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Here the Results of the December 4, 2010, Arlington Park Handicapping Contest at Trackside Waukegan - Sundance

Arlington Park Communications | 12/09/2010 #

The results of that contest are below.  Only accounts with a positive balance are shown. 

The complete cumulative standings as of 12/4/10 will be posted shortly.  Be sure to check back soon and see where you, and your competition, rank.

You will want to return to my blog once again, in a couple of days, to read my story about the top five finishers and how they did it, based on interviews with each.  See if you can pick up any tips to help you play in the future.

Make your plans now to join us at Arlington Park Trackside on Saturday, December 11, for the final Tour stop of our fall, 2010, series.  This is your last chance to add points and win the consistency prize, a trip to Las Vegas to play in the February, 2011, Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series handicapping tournament where the top prize is estimated to be $250,000. 

Don’t think you can overtake the leader of the net cumulative standings?  You’re selling yourself short.  Just have a day like Mike Rusovic did last Saturday at Waukegan ($900+), or Jimmy Jordan did before that at McHenry ($1,100-), and you could be right there!

Plus, Arlington Park will be paying the USUAL WEEKLY PRIZE MONEY to the top five finishers this Saturday!  So come join us – you have nothing to lose, but potentially something to gain.

For more details, click here.

GOOD HANDICAPPING!           Scott

M. Scott McMannis   -  Handicapping Seminar & Contest Coordinator




Rank Name Final Balance
1 Rusovick, Mike 919.30
2 Hausheer, Tom 375.10
3 Rusovick, Mike 360.00
4 Sellner, Dave 302.70
5 Hanna, Ed 208.90
6 Koper, Stan 169.10
7 Woelffer, Art 94.80
8 Vitek, William 82.98
9 Hausheer, Tom 62.86
10 Cahill, Tammy 35.00
11 Maier, Kenneth 23.80
12 Woelffer, Art 11.00
13 Anderson, Dave 9.10
14 Speck, Fred Sr. 2.85
15 Siano, Mike 2.00
16 Pavlik, Dan 1.60
17 Georgian, Paul 0.60