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Introducing the M. Scott McMannis Blog

Arlington Park Communications | 04/03/2009 #

Welcome to the first installment of my Arlington, 2008, blog.  Well, it's my blog because I oversee it, but it is also our blog because I want your input.

My goal with this blog is to stimulate meaningful discussion, dialogue that will help readers to expand their knowledge of, and appreciation for, Thoroughbred racing and handicapping.

Therefore, I will start topics, and keep them going, but I want you to contribute.  Rather than be static, this blog is meant to be interactive.  I know plenty of accomplished handicappers out there, people who can
further our education, and I urge you to contribute.

Also, I welcome, and indeed encourage you to submit, topics for this blog. Suggestions will be considered based on potential level of reader interest, timeliness, and appropriateness.  Send suggestions and questions to

Thank you.