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Jim Jordan Wins November 16, 2013, Handicapping Contest

Arlington Park Communications | 04/16/2014 #

Kenny Shaw and Robert Flaska Second and Third at Hodgkins

 ‘This is great news,” exclaimed Jimmy Jordan when informed that he won the Las Vegas trip in Arlington’s most recent handicapping contest.  “I’ve been waiting for déjà vu all over again and the chance to improve on last year’s performance in the HPWS.”

Last year Jordan also won a Vegas trip, courtesy of Arlington, to compete in the Boyd Gaming Horse Player World Series (HPWS).  “Winning my way to the HPWS has long been a goal of mine, and last year I finished sixth out of about 500 players.”

For his accomplishment Jordan picked up a cool $10,000.  That means he parlayed his beginning bankroll of $100 in the Arlington contest into a 100-1 payday, and it didn’t cost him a cent since Arlington’s contests are free to enter.

“This time I’m going back with the intent to win the whole thing,” declared Jordan, illustrating the power of positive thinking.  “Why go with any other goal?  I’ve gained experience in the HPWS and believe I can do it.”

If he does, Jordan will collect approximately $300,000, the estimated top prize.

Jordan won the Hodgkins contest, essentially, on a $100 straight exacta bet on a race from Golden Gate.  “I collected about $900 on that bet,” he revealed.  “I deliberated on whether to sit on my balance but my goal in these contests is to multiply my bankroll by 10 times.  So, I made a couple of win bets that moved me up to my winning total of $1,160.80.”

For his accomplishment Jordon will go the March, 2014, HPWS to be held at Boyd’s Orleans property.  Arlington will pay his entry fee and accommodations, plus provide a travel voucher and best wishes. 

Kenny Shaw also experienced déjà vu in the Hodgkins contest.  “I’ve got seconditis,” Shaw chuckled.  “I entered your last contest (October 5, 2013) at The Foundry in Aurora which is my home parlor, and finished second.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I traveled to Hodgkins to play again.  Darned if I didn’t finish second again.”        

For his accomplishment Shaw wins, again, $250.  “Hey!  I’ll take it,” he was quick to add.  “I won close to $600 in this latest contest, starting with $100.  The added $250 means I multiplied my beginning bankroll more than eight times over.  I have no complaints, and now I am going to keep playing in your contests and I’ll win one.”

Don’t doubt him.

“I didn’t make any single hit for my final total,” Shaw explained.  “It was just a series of bets, starting at Aqueduct and moving on to Santa Anita.

“I’ve been to the HPWS the last three years,” Shaw added.  “My goal is to go again, on Arlington’s dime.”  That’s fine with us, Kenny.

Robert Flaska narrowly missed finishing second at Hodgkins ($580.25 versus $566.60).  “I made a large bet on the superfecta on Hawthorne’s feature race by keying Work All Week,” Flaska explained.  “I added a pick three win to arrive at my total.”  For his effort Flaska adds another $100 in prize money to his final bankroll.   

“I’ve been to the HPWS and the NHC (National Handicapping Challenge, the other national handicapping contest).  Last year I finished 28th in the NHC, good for about $5,100 in prize money.

“I can’t wait to get back to Vegas for both tournaments, so I’ll continue playing in your contests,” Flaska assured. 

You, too, should be planning to play in Arlington’s future contests.  They are free to enter, therefore, there is only one criteria:  if you are going to bet at least $100 you should partake. 

Arlington wants to send you to Las Vegas, but you can’t win it unless you get in it!

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