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Ken Kieras Wins September 10 AHC Handicapping Contest With Win Bets

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Logan Cook, Ken Maier, John Zimpel, Jim Fragakis Round Out Top Five

“I sure am glad you told me you were having handicapping contests at Arlington,” responded Ken Kieras, when I called to notify him he had won the latest contest in the Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) series.

Earlier this summer I had passed Kieras on my daily walking tour of Arlington’s main building and asked, “Ken, why aren’t you playing in the Arlington contests since you played in my contests at Hawthorne?”  He didn’t know Arlington was offering contests.

“Thanks to you, I’m going to Vegas,” continued Kieras.  More correctly, it’s thanks to Kieras making successful win bets in the contest. 

“I hit with four of my win bets,” revealed Kieras.  “The first was the 5-2 entry (Thirty Winks, Hippodromo) in the second race because I thought either half could win, and they ran 1-2.  Of course, I had to sweat out that objection (not allowed).

“Then I hit races 7-8-9,” continued Kieras.  “That was Tellme All About it (7-2), Rocket Twentyone (16-1), and Shared Property (3-1).”

For his success Kieras will go to Las Vegas next February, courtesy of Arlington Park, to compete in the Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series (HWS) where the estimated top prize will be $300,000.00.  Not only does Arlington cover the entry fee ($1,500), AP also provides lodging for the duration of the HWS, plus a travel voucher, plus the prize money for winning the contest.

Logan Cook also relied on a win bet for his success in his first try at a handicapping contest. 

“I tried different bets,” Cook began, “and I even hit a small Pick Three (which is three win bets, strung together).  That was early in the card.

“My major hit, though, was a $120 win bet on Tajaaweed in the sixth race,” summarized Cook.  “He only paid $3.80 to win, but that basically got me into second place and for that I am very happy.”

Cook now has the bug.  “I didn’t even know Arlington was offering handicapping contests until I saw what was going on in your area (Starting Gate Theater) and asked around,” he admitted.  “Now I can see where just a couple of bets, which one would have made whether in the contest or not, could do the job.

“For example, I had four of five in the Pick Five,” Cook offered.  “I was one horse away from wining a lot of money, finishing first, and going to Vegas.

“I’ll be back on the 24th (of September) for the “last chance” contest,” declared Cook.  “I know it’s a long shot for me to overtake Andy Gardner, but even if I just finish in the top five, I win some prize money – and, I’m going to be making the same bets anyway, so why not?”

Ken Maier was somewhat sanguine.  “Thanks for the call, it feels good to finish third because it says I’m doing some things right, but my story isn’t exciting like some relate.

“I basically spent the day muddling through,” Maier continued.  “Then, in the last race, I hit with a 10-cent Superfecta bet that returned $230.

“I really liked the favorite (Delago, 2-1) to win it, and since I liked the longest-odds horse on the board (Prideinyoureyes, 33-1) to run in, I made the bet.  Delago won and Prideinyoureyes ran third.

“I’ll be back for the final contest and take my chances, since I’ll be at the track, betting on Arlington, anyway,” Maier mused.  “I’ll take more prize money if I can get it.”

You can see the standings of the September 10 contest by clicking here

You need to be at the final contest as well, working to build your total and going for prize money.  To learn more, go to my blog and read my companion story to this one, “Last Chance to Win Trip to Las Vegas for 2012 HWS (Add Points to Total, Win Usual Weekly Prizes)”.

We want to send you to Las Vegas, but you can’t win if you don’t get in.  And why not get in since it’s free to play!

Admission gates and contest registration open at 11:15 AM.  My free handicapping seminar starts at noon in the Starting Gate Theater.


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