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Last Chance to Win Trip to Las Vegas for 2012 HWS

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Add Points to Total, Win Usual Weekly Prizes

This coming Saturday, September 24, 2011, is the date of the last handicapping contest of the 2011 Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) series.  That means it’s your last chance this meet to win a coveted trip to Las Vegas to play in the February, 2012, Coast Casinos Horseplayer World Series (HWS) where the top prize is estimated to be $300,000.00.

Throughout the current meet each handicapping contest in the AHC series has offered a top prize of a ‘Vegas trip’ as it is generically known among handicapping contest players.  The Vegas trip prize package includes a paid entry into the 2012 HWS, hotel accommodations, a travel voucher, and prize money.  The value of the prize package is estimated at over $2,000 and is funded by Arlington Park.

An added feature of the AHC series is the consistency prize presented to the contestant who accumulates the highest winnings over the course of the 2011 AHC series without winning an individual contest. Some refer to it as a consolation prize since it does function as one. 

But the purpose of the consistency prize is to reward the most consistent performance in the series.  The consistency prize is the same Vegas trip package as individual contest winners receive.

To view the current cumulative standings going into next Saturday’s contest, click here.  As you can see, Andy Gardner holds the lead.  If you have been reading my stories on my blog, specifically here and here, you know that Gardner finished third, then second, in two contests this summer to work his way to the top of the cumulative standings.  He did so with performances exceeding $1,000 each time, often enough to finish first.

Is Gardner too far in the lead to overtake him?  Not necessarily.  Did you read (linked above) how Steve Taylor won over $3,900 on a single bet of $2.40?!  Check your total in the cumulative standings and calculate how much you need to win this Saturday to overtake Gardner, then put on your handicapping shoes and be ready to go for it this coming Saturday.

Even if you fall short of winning the consistency prize, a good performance this coming Saturday could win you some of the regular prize money to be awarded.  Remember, this Saturday’s ‘last chance’ contest offers the usual prize money to the top five finishers.  Therefore, have a good day and your winnings could be enhanced by additional money, courtesy of Arlington Park.

So don’t pass off, and pass up, the opportunity to win, and possibly win big, with a cavalier “He’s too far ahead for me to catch him.”  Enter this Saturday and give it your best shot.  You have one more chance win the Vegas trip, and five more chances so win some extra prize money for a good day.

We want to send you to Las Vegas, but you can’t win if you don’t get in.  And why not get in since it’s free to play!

Admission gates and contest registration open at 11:15 AM.  My free handicapping seminar starts at noon in the Starting Gate Theater.


M. Scott McMannis

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