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Mark Foss Tops All in July 9, 2011, AHC Handicapping Contest

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

William Kalaytowicz, Andy Gardner, Curtis Kimbler, Timothy Jacobs Round Out Top Five

Last Saturday Arlington Park held the third handicapping contest in the summer, 2011, Arlington Handicapping Challenge (AHC) series.  The results were somewhat unusual.

For the last two summers of AHC contests, the median winning final bankroll has been approximately $850.  That means half of the individual winning totals exceeded $850, while half were less than $850.

The first two contests this summer hinted that the historical median figure was going to hold up.  In the first contest, Paul Hoffman won with approximately $1,100.  In the second contest Jim Benes won with approximately $500.  Averaging those two figures gives us approximately $800.

All of that was blown out of the water last Saturday when the top three finishers not only exceed $850, they exceeded $1,000!  That’s some handicapping and wagering, turning $100 into over $1,000.

The trio was headed by Mark Foss of suburban Milwaukee who journeys to Arlington Park, and to Arlington’s OTBs, for handicapping contests.  His travels paid off last Saturday.  Not only did Foss turn his $100 beginning bankroll into approximately $1,400 (first-place prize money included), he won the trip to Las Vegas, valued at over $2,000.

The Las Vegas trip includes an Arlington-paid entry into the February, 2012, Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series (HWS), it also includes four nights at The Orleans, site of the tournament, plus a travel voucher.

The estimated first prize at the 2012 HWS is estimated to be $300,000, and Foss has earned a free chance at winning it. 

“I’m not really a Las Vegas person,” explained Foss, “and I haven’t even been there in some time.  I love betting on horseracing, but I’m just not much interested in so-called casino table games.

“But that’s a good thing, since I know this (HWS) tournament requires me to concentrate solely on handicapping and betting on horseracing if I’m going to do well,” Foss continued, “and I plan on giving it my best try.”

Foss’ best effort was good enough to win last Saturday’s AHC contest with two main hits.

“My first big hit was the superfecta in the Fantasia race, the 8th race Modesty Handicap,” he began.  “With the favorite (Wasted Tears) running out of the money, and with Fantasia (7-2) winning plus Romin Robin (18-1) finishing second, that super paid $188 for a dime.”

Foss finished the day with the last-race Super High Five.  “There weren’t any longshots in it (the top five finishers ranged from 5-2 to 9-1 in odds) but it paid $931 for 10 cents.  With a couple of other small hits mixed in, I came out with over $1,200 for the day.”   

William Kalaytowicz also exceeded $1,000 with his final bankroll.  He crushed the 4th race.

“I really liked Dreams On Tap,” he began.  “I felt that was a weak field which translates into a prime chance for an upset.”

An upset it was with Dreams On Tap winning, by 15-1/2 lengths, at odds of 12-1 as the second-longest odds in the race.

“I bet her to win and place ($27.60/$10.60) which was nice in itself,” Kalaytowicz explained.  “I also had the winner in the exacta to Kanija (5-2), which paid $115 for $2, plus I had the trifecta (Pocanella finished third at 4-1) which paid $241 for a dollar.

“It was a good day,” understated Kalaytowicz.  With prize money he turned his $100 bankroll into over $1,100.  Even though he didn’t win the top price, he’s now in first place in the cumulative standings.  The person with the highest cumulative total at the end of the AHC 2011 summer series also wins a trip to Las Vegas for the HWS.

Also in good position for the cumulative prize is Andy Gardner who also exceeded $1,000 in prize money and is now second in the cumulative standings. 

“There’s good news and bad news,” began Gardner.  “The good news is, I had both Pick 4’s that day.  The bad news is, I only bet the early one in the contest. 

“I had over a thousand dollars in my contest bankroll when we got to the late Pick Four,” he explained.  “I knew the first contest this summer was won with an amount near that, so I went defensive.  I didn’t want to see my bankroll backslide with losing bets so I stood pat on my contest account and bet the late Pick Four with separate money.  If only…but I’m looking on the bright side and I’m happy with my day.”  He should be.

“I’m primarily a horizontal bettor when it comes to the exotics,” Gardner offered.  “I prefer to go across races.

“My early Pick Four was a 50-cent part wheel with no singles and cost $36,” he continued.  “Fortunately, I had Dreams On Tap in there to make it return about $966.  As I said, I’m very happy with my day.”

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Your next two chances to win the Las Vegas trip come next week when we offer a special Thursday (July 21) handicapping seminar/contest at our new Villa Park OTB, then the fourth in our summer, 2011, AHC series on Saturday (July 23).  For more details go to McMannis Blog by clicking here and reading Arlington Offers Trifecta of July Handicapping Seminars/Contests. 

We want to send you to Las Vegas, but you must get in it to win it!  See you Thursday and Saturday!


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