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Nick Bozovsky Wins June 15, 2013, Villa Park Handicapping Contest

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

Bob Albanese and Rod Browder Round Out the Villa Park Three

 “This is great news, thanks so much, Scott,” declared Nick Bozovsky upon being informed of his first-place finish in last Saturday’s handicapping contest, held at Arlington’s Trackside OTB in Tavern on North in Villa Park (pictured).

“I’ve never been to Las Vegas to play in a big tournament before,” Bozovsky continued.  “In fact, I’ve only played in the Arlington contests a few times.  Unlike a lot of the regulars, I’m only a recent entry.”

In a sense, Bozovsky is fond of the Villa Park OTB.  “I finished fourth in your contest there last February,” he reminded.  “It sure feels good to move up to first.”

How did Bozovsky do it?  “I hit the early pick four at Belmont, and the late pick four at Calder,” he explained.  “Since I liked the Calder pick four, I bet their pick five since that meant adding just one more race to the pick four.  I hit that pick five which added $270 to my contest bankroll, bringing it up to $697.

“I feel especially good about hitting that pick five – it’s the first time I ever hit one, and it was a perfect time to do it,” Bozovsky concluded.  It certainly was, since now he has the option of accepting $1,500 cash or opting for a trip to Las Vegas to play in the March, 2014, Horse Player World Series (HPWS).  The Vegas trip includes the cost of the entry, hotel accommodations, and a travel voucher.

Bob Albanese went to the last HPWS and can’t wait to get back there.  “It was a blast, more fun than I thought it could be, even though I didn’t win anything in the HPWS,” he began.

“Actually, last Saturday was like a double header for me,” Albanese continued.  “My $300 final bankroll represents a triple of my investment, and the $250 prize for finishing second makes it a $550 day.” 

He didn’t stop there.  “There also was an on-line handicapping contest last Saturday, presented by Twin Spires, and I won that, too,” said Albanese, excitedly.  “I won tickets for two to the Arlington Million, including a table plus food and beverage in the Million Room, plus $800 cash.  What a day!”

Albanese’s scores came as a result of win bets. “I was struggling in the OTB contest,” he admitted.  “I managed to stay a little to the plus side until later in the day.

“There was a Bruggemann horse that you said in your seminar looked like he might be value so I was kind of waiting on that one.  When the horse was at 6-1, I bet him.  He finished first and paid over $14 to win, so that’s how I got my bankroll to $300.

“I’ve picked up a lot of good advice from your teachings,” Albanese admitted.  “And it’s not just about handicapping, it’s also about managing yourself and your money.  Patience is so important, to pick your spots and then make your move.  Blasting away right and left just won’t cut it.”

Rod Browder had a roller coaster day.  “I hit some early races at Belmont and added about $200 to my contest bankroll,” he began.  “But then I slid all the way back to about even.

“Later I bet some combinations on a Belmont superfecta,” Browder continued.  “I hit it, the small way, but at least I added to my bankroll and started another upswing.

“Then we got to an Arlington race you (this correspondent) talked about liking and I hit the exacta on that race, boosting my bankroll again,” Browder added.

“I hadn’t been playing in these contests until last year, but I had a second-place finish and now a third-place finish,” Browder revealed.  “But here’s the funny part.  I live far southwest and last year you brought the handicapping seminar and contest to an OTB down that way.  A couple of my buddies that I go to the OTB with down there were coming to see you and play in the contest, and invited me come along, which I did.  I enjoyed the experience so much I now hook up with them to follow the contests.

“Earlier this month (June 8) we came to Arlington for the seminar and contest,” explained Browder.  “That was the first time I’ve been to Arlington in 13 years.  I had forgotten how beautiful the place is.  Now I have an added reason to make the trip, and I’ll be at every one of your seminars and contests that I can.”

Will you make the trip?  Our next free handicapping seminar/contest is this coming Saturday, June 22, at Arlington.  We want to send you to Las Vegas, but you must get in it to win it.

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