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Russ Winterbotham, Jerry Greenman Top April 28 Spring Tour Handicapping Contest

Arlington Park Communications | 03/24/2014 #

John Graznow, Ken Lieske Round Out the South Elgin Four

For Russ Winterbotham it was déjà vu all over again.

“You know I live and die by the Pick Four, Scott,” began Winterbotham.  “This is my third win in Arlington’s handicapping contests over the recent years, and every win was with a Pick Four.”

Considering that he has not participated in all available contests, Winterbotham’s win rate is quite respectable. 

“I wasn’t able to stay the day at the South Elgin parlor, but I did want to play in the contest, so I made my bets and left,” Winterbotham continued.  “I checked the results later that afternoon and saw that my key bet had won.

“That was a Pick Four at Belmont,” he continued, “which was good for about $2,800.  Thus, my total of $2,842.35.

“I must give credit to my wife, Rosie,” Winterbotham added.  “I had intended to take the train to Elgin but missed it, and Rosie volunteered to drive me out there and back.  We celebrated ‘our’ success with a nice dinner at Papadeaux restaurant.

“And we’ll celebrate more come next February when Arlington sends me to Las Vegas for the Horse Player World Series,” Winterbotham concluded.  “Rosie went with me last year and we had a great time, and we can’t wait to get back.  I’m ready for another try at the $300,000 first prize.” 

Jerry Greenman, like Ron Szat before him, represented his home turf well.  Szat finished first in the April 14 Spring Tour handicapping contest in McHenry, at his home parlor.  In South Elgin, it was Greenman’s turn.

“I enjoy these contests,” began Greenman, “and especially when they are at my home parlor, and especially when I do well.  I enjoy them enough to travel to Arlington during the live meet in order to play in them.

“I hit the late Pick Four at Hawthorne for about $460 on a $20 investment, and that was the bulk of my winning for the day,” Greenman explained. “But things could have been a lot better.

“I also played the Pick Five on my contest card, and just missed,” he revealed.  “In constructing my ticket I wanted to use four horses in the last leg, the numbers 5, 6, 7, and 10 horses.  But that made the ticket cost more than I wanted to put into it.

“So I dropped the #7, Hungry Wildcat, even though you said you liked that horse when you did your pre-race seminar,” Greenman lamented, “and of course you know what happened, he won and paid $16.20 and the Pick Five paid $5, 871.”

However, Greenman doesn’t dwell on it, and, in fact, looks ahead.  “I’m excited about winning an entry into the Twin Spires On Line contest,” he continued.  “That one gives me a chance to win my way into the DRF/NTRA tourney for a chance at $750,000.  Wouldn’t that be great!”  Indeed it would.

John Graznow and Ken Lieske each won cash prizes for finishing third and fourth, respectively.  This was Lieske’s second in-the-money finish this spring.

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Your next chance to experience success like Russ Winterbotham, Jerry Greenman, Ron Szat, Tom Zipp,  Joe Russo, and Stan Koper comes May 26 when Arlington launches its Summer Series of handicapping seminars and contests.  

We want to send you to Las Vegas but you can’t win it unless you get in it! See you at Arlington!


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