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We are striving to elevate the quality of Illinois racing and we know that together we have a great opportunity to be leaders in the turnaround of racing in Illinois.

The below newsletter is the first step in our effort to improve the lines of communication between Arlington International and the people willing to make a commitment, both financially and emotionally to this great industry.

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Ban on Horse Slaughter

Any owners or trainers stabled at Arlington found to have directly or indirectly sold a horse for slaughter will have his or her stalls permanently revoked from Arlington.

Arlington requires its horsemen to conduct due diligence on those buying horses and encourages them to support rescue and adoption efforts and to find humane ways of dealing with horses unable to continue racing.

A Message From Arlington Chairman Richard L. Duchossois

I am pleased to announce that Arlington and the ITHA have reached an agreement on the terms of a new contract – one that is mutually beneficial to all owners, breeders, trainers, race tracks and all those who support our industry.  We believe this new contract will provide a sufficient number of quality horses that will excite racing fans and encourage them to wager. 

After all, this is where our focus must be as the amount wagered determines not only the size of the purses but the amount the money the tracks have to operate.

As we are all aware, a regulated amount of money is withheld from each dollar wagered with portions going to the state, community and race tracks.  The race track’s portion is then divided with nearly 50% supporting purses of which a percentage is dedicated to the administration of the horsemen’s association. 

When all segments of the industry work together, everyone benefits.  This contract is the first step in rebuilding our industry’s brand and fan base.  It may not be perfect, but we will learn as we progress and make changes as necessary.

Arlington International and CDI, its parent company, are endeavoring to do everything we can to rebuild the Illinois pari-mutuel industry so that it can once again be profitable, not only for the state, but for all of us proudly associated with it.

Mike Campbell is undermining his own contract committee