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Paddock & Post Parade Updates via Twitter

Arlington Park is now on Twitter!!!

Arlington Park's TwitterFeed is your best resource to get up-to-the-minute selections from our experts, breaking news, contests and more!



To get the scoop on Arlington Park visit:

How to set up your Twitter account:

1. Visit and click "Get Started."

2. Enter your name and email address, and choose a username and password.

3. If you would like to send and receive Twitter updates from your cell phone, click "settings" in the top right of your browser window and then click on the "devices" tab.

4. Enter your phone number as instructed (for U.S. phones, you will need to enter "+1" before your area code) and click the box that reads "It's okay for Twitter to send messages to my phone."

Twitter does not send third-party texts to your phone; you are ONLY accepting text message updates from people and groups you choose.


How to receive Arlington Park updates:

1. Visit and click "follow" under the Arlington Park logo.

2. To receive updates to your cell phone, click the link that says "Device Updates OFF" and swtich the button that pops up to "ON." You will now receive Arlington Park updates as SMS Text Messages on your phone.