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Park Policies

The following is the Park Policies for Arlington International Racecourse.

Will Call Policy
Will Call must be pre-arranged. Day-of drop offs will not be accepted. 

Will Call accommodations can be made by choosing Will Call as the delivery method when purchasing tickets online or over the phone. If these accommodations are not made, tickets can be redeemed day-of by providing your ticket confirmation number or the last name used in purchase at either of our Will Call booths.

Dress Codes
Dress codes are part of the experience and will be strictly enforced for the following indoor venues:

Suites and Governor's Room Million Room and International Room

Ranges from Festive or Cocktail Attire to Dressy Business Casual

Ranges from Dressy Business Casual to Smart Casual
Persons in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, athletic shoes or abbreviated attire will NOT be permitted to the Suites or Governor's Room             Persons in shorts, t-shirts, tattered or torn jeans, athletic shoes or abbreviated attire will NOT be permitted to the International Room

We provide wheelchair service to and from the entrance gates to the guest’s seat. We do not provide wheelchairs for guests to use during their stay with us. 

Umbrella Policy
For your safety and the safety of the horses on the track, in the event of high winds we may ask that the umbrella at your table remain closed for the duration of the racing day.

Carry-In Policy
Coolers may not exceed 12"X12"X7" (12 inches long X 12 inches high X 7 inches deep). Bags may not exceed 36" in circumference and not exceed 12" in height. *Any cooler or bag exceeding these limitations will be charged a $5 FEE FOR EACH COOLER OR BAG (If a family has 3 coolers/bags over the limit, would be charged $15). Any cooler or bag within these limitations will NOT be charged the $5 fee. One complimentary cooler within these limitations per person.

No outside food and beverage permitted inside the building or in the box seats.

“Picnic Passes” can be purchased online, over the phone or at the gate. This pass will be redeemed for an outside food and beverage tag at either Grandstand or Clubhouse gates after the cooler or bag has been checked by Arlington International’s Guest Service Staff. Arlington Preferred Plus memberships includes an Arlington International cooler that will allow you to bring in food and beverages without the $5 fee.

Please remember NO glass, alcohol or commercially prepared food will be permitted.

Complete Carry-In Policy
The Arlington International Guest Services Policy outlines what guests may and may not bring into the venue, including specific guidelinesas it pertains to outside food and beverage. The policy balances our guest’s safety, comfort and overall experience while at the track.Please review the policy and plan accordingly. All items brought through Admission Gates are subject to inspection. To expedite entrance into the facility, guests are encouraged to arrive at the gates early and have your bags and coolers ready for inspection.

• Liquids and non-alcoholic beverages in their original sealedplastic containers
• Individually wrapped, non-branded, store bought and homemadefood items
• Purses or baby bags (subject to search)
• Blankets
• Stroller or wagon if carrying a child• Folding chairs (not permitted in Reserved seating areas)
• Cellular telephones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, binocularsand laptops
• Coolers

• Glass bottles or containers
• Alcohol
• Unsealed containers carrying any liquids
• Commercially packaged branded food for example, chain or fastfood restaurant products
• Grills, crock-pots or any open flame devices including candles
• Tents, canopies and oversized umbrellas
• Bicycles, scooters, roller skates or skateboards
• Poles, flags, banners, signs or any other item seen to be anobstruction to other guests or potential danger to on-track activity
• Projectile objects including, frisbees, balls, balloons, etc.
• Noisemakers including air horns, bull horns, fireworks, etc.
• Objects that could be a nuisance to on-track activity and otherguests including laser pointers, squirt guns, etc.
• Firearms, knives, sharp objects or other weapons restricted bylocal, state or federal laws
• Pets (trained assistance animals for disabled guests are welcome)

Smoking Policy
In compliance with the Smoke-Free Illinois Act 95-0017, effective January 1, 2008, smoking is prohibited indoors, including tented areas, balconies and all seating areas underneath the cantilever roof. Smoking is permitted outdoors, 15 feet from entrances in areas not referenced above.