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Click here for a complete database of every race run at Arlington since the start of the 2007 race meet with information regarding track surface, condition, time (expressed in seconds), field size, post position, race winner & its connections, odds, winner's previous race, winner's previous workout, winner's previous record on synthetic tracks, winner's previous record on turf and payoff information.

This database is updated overnight and is available for viewing each morning through the previous day's races.

Arlington's PolyCapping tool is a free database designed especially for expert horseplayers who want detailed information. It offers detailed race information on the individual winners of every Arlington race since May 2007, including position at key junctures of the race, last start information and much more. The PolyCapping database is easy to use because it is:

1. Sortable
2. Downloadable
3. Allows handicappers to chose the criteria he or she thinks is important when wagering on Arlington racing

The practical applications for the PolyCapping tool are:
• Knowing the field size can help you determine how a race was run. For instance, shorter field sizes historically favor front-running speed horses. Larger fields tend to produce larger payoffs, given increased competition and a more spread-out wagering tote board
• Knowing which post positions, inside and/or outside, have been more successful at different distances can be far more advantageous to a handicapper than general post position stats for all race distances and surfaces
• Winning odds help you discover which races handicappers have zeroed in on, and which ones continue to produce blockbuster payoffs
• Knowing if the horse was a favorite can help unlock big prices by helping you identify "false" favorites
• The ½ Mile Position shows the distance the winner was from the leading horse after a half-mile was run in the race. This helps show which running styles have proven most effective for each race type and distance.
• The ½ Mile Time helps you create par times, or averages, for class and distance in creating their own pace figures, or simply use this data as a gauge as to how fast or slow a particular race may have been run
• Final Time can show you at-a-glance "what it takes" historically to win a race at this class and distance, and compare that with today's field to see who might be capable of reaching or exceeding the par times
• Last Race Location shows where the winner last competed. That's important at Arlington because we draw horses not only local horses from Hawthorne Race Course but from racetracks all over the the country
• Last Race Surface is helpful for analyzing how runners changes surfaces have fared in terms of reaching the Arlington winner's circle
• Last Race Distance can be helpful for identifying what distances and races are prime spots for horses stretching out in distance, or turning back in distance
• Prior All-Weather Wins/Starts and Turf Wins/Starts can help you gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on an all-weather surface or the turf has on each class and distance.
• Location Last Work helps you determine if gaining local experience over the Polytrack in morning workouts gives horses the edge at each class and distance

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