Dining Reservations

Dining Reservations

Arlington International features a variety of dining options to host guest outings. We accept dining reservations to the Million Room, Terrace Café, and Cowboy Grille. Also enjoy walk-up dining at Cobey’s food court, concession stands and Mr. D’s Sports Bar.


  • Terrace Cafe

  • Million Room Restaurant

  • Million Room Restaurant

  • Terrace Cafe

  • Cowboy Grille

Million Room Restaurant

  • From the 4th floor, indulge in fine dining and an unbeatable track view.
  • The indoor Million Room has tiered seating and floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure spectacular views for our guests.
  • Most Million Room tables are equipped with a personal flat-screen TV to create the ultimate racing experience.
  • Mutuel tellers and self-service betting terminals are available in the Million Room.
  • Each table reservation provides reserved seats for the entire race day.
  • There is a nominal fee that allows you to use the table for the entire race day.
  • Business professional dress code enforced.
  • Click here for map.
  • Click here for standard race day menu.
  • NOTE: Premium Days offer a buffet menu only.  Check out our Million Day Menu.  

Terrace Cafe

  • Located adjacent to the finish line, our outdoor café features upscale concession fare and one of the most exciting locations to spend the day.
  • In the Terrace Café, guests can sit at 2- or 4-top tables or on bar stools. (4-tops have umbrellas, 2-tops do not.)
  • Self-service terminals are located in the Terrace Café.
  • Each reservation ensures reserved seats for the entire race day.
  • For your safety and the safety of the horses on the track, in the event of high winds we may ask that the umbrella at your Terrace Cafe table remain closed for the duration of the racing day.
  • Casual dress code.
  • Click here for map.
  • Click here for menu

Terrace Annex

  • The Terrace Annex is an extension of the Terrace Café at canopy tables under the overhang.
  • Available on premium days, the Terrace Annex offers outdoor dining with wait service and the popular Terrrace Café menu.
  • Outside food and beverage are not permitted in this restaurant venue
  • Each table seats four; you must purchase the entire table as individual seats are not available.
  • Click here for map.
Available Derby Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fireworks, Million

Cowboy Grille

  • Head to our 3rd floor to please your taste buds with an item off of our hand-crafted pub fare menu
  • Sip on one of 20 beers at the Cowboy Grille, facing the paddock!
  • Reservations in the Cowboy Grille are complimentary and perfect for those who would like to savor gourmet pub fare and head back to their seats for live racing!
  • The Cowboy Grille is open Friday – Sunday and on Mondays (holidays).
  • Casual dress code.
  • Click here for menu.
Dining Reservation Information
  • Dining reservation charges are non-refundable.
  • General Admission is not included in reservation pricing.
  • A strict dress code is enforced in the Million Room. Non-abiding patrons will not be granted entrance.
  • No outside food and beverage is allowed in any of the dining venues.
Other Dining Options

Learn about Arlington's other dining options and menus here!

Questions, call 847-870 RACE (7223).  Tickets purchased over the phone are subject to a $10 service fee.