Gate Arrival time

Updated Park Policies are in place for the 2021 Racing Season, including changes to Health and Safety measures and allowable Carry-In items. Patrons are responsible for reviewing all 2021 Policies prior to visiting Arlington. If these policies are not followed, you may be asked to leave the property by Arlington personnel.

To provide adequate social distancing we ask that all guests arrive during the timeframe assigned to your section. All guests must enter the park through the Clubhouse no later than 1 hour after the first post. There will be no re-entry upon leaving. Guests leaving the facility will not be permitted to return.

July 3rd Fireworks Day admission gates will close for entrance at 5pm. No guest will be allowed into the building after that time. 

Tier 1 1:00pm                             

Box and Reserved Seats 1:00 PM                                 

Picnic Tables 1:00 PM                                                      

Miller Lite Beer Garden 1:00 PM

East Terrace 1:00 PM

Park Pavilions 1:00 PM

East Park Tent 1:00 PM

Gold Club 1:00 PM

Simulcast Seating 1:00 PM

Press Box 1:00 PM                                                

Tier 2 1:30pm

Apron Benches 1:30 PM

Lower Level Homestretch 1:30 PM

Finish Line, Winner’s Circle and homestretch Canopy Tables 1:30 PM

Mr. D’s Patio 1:30 PM

Tier 3 2:00pm

Terrace Café 2:00 PM

Terrace Annex 2:00 PM

Miller Lite Finish Line 2:00 PM

Marquee Tents 2:00 PM

Governor’s Room 2:00 PM

Million Room 2:00 PM

Suites 2:00 PM

Turf Club 2:00 PM