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Arlington University

About Arlington University

Who Benefits? Novice bettors!
What is AU? A one stop shop for quick and easy wagering education to help new betters feel comfortable placing bets throughout the day.
Where is AU?
AU is located outside Mr. D's Patio on the main level - you can't miss this easily accessible campus!
When is AU open?
AU's main campus will be open every live race day, weather permitting beginning 30 minutes prior to the day’s first race.
How does AU work?
Just stop by and meet our professors!  There are no dumb questions, and our professors have ALL of the answers.  

Following an excellent Freshman year, our permanent Arlington University campus (located outside Mr. D’s patio) will once again be host to our wagering professors.  These experts can help even the greenest gambler to achieve high grades.  Stop by any racing day for a crash course in Wagering 101.

Introduced in 2013, Arlington University is committed to all race fans alike and played a hands-on role in educating thousands of race goers on the ins-and-outs of betting.  Our informative professors are here to better serve you in making an educated decision with your wagers.  New or old to racing, we are here for you!

Arlington University’s main campus will be open every live race day, weather permitting beginning 30 minutes prior to the day’s first race. Stop by and see what is new for 2016!

What Arlington University Can Do For YOU!
  • Dedicated individual and small group interaction with knowledgeable “professors.”
  • How to read the Daily Racing Guide
  • Types of simple wagers
  • Exotic wagers
  • Expert picks for every race
  • How to use a Self-Service Terminal (SST)
  • FastBet Mobile
  • Wagering seminars
  • Enter to win a FREE Paddock Tour
  • Enter to win a FREE Winner’s Circle Presentation and meet a Jockey
  • Enter to win additional prizes
Promotions at Arlington University Campus

Saturday Squares

Every Saturday, visit the Arlington University campus (located on the main level outside Mr. D's Sports Bar) to play Saturday Squares! It's horse racing’s spin on a squares board – make the x and y axis work for you!  Click here for rules.

How to Play:
- The X and Y axis numbers will be covered up at the start of the game
- Participants can sign up until 1pm - putting their name on a random square of their choosing.  Signing up is free!
- At 1pm, the X an d Y axis numbers will be revealed - the X axis will be a race number and the Y axis will be a horse number
- Before Race 1, particpants should check the board to see what their square equates to (example, Rae 1 horse #4)
- If a particpant's square wins, they will get a fun prize!  Want to increase the fun?  Participants are encouraged to place a wager on their square (horse and race) to win.  Once the race is official, participants should show their winning ticket that matches the square to an Arlington Professor to win BIG - a new mystery voucher* to make your next bet!  Not only will your wager have won, but you'll get more money just for playing! 

*Mystery voucher will have minumum amount of $2.00 and maximum amount of $100.00.

Frequently Asked Questions - AU Professors have the Answers!
  • What’s the most important factor in predicting the outcome of a race?
  • Why do the odds keep changing?
  • Can you explain how to use the wagering machine?
  • Can you help me with my FastBetMobile account?
  • Can you show me how to find the results of races run earlier in the day?
  • Can I bet on races at other tracks?  Can I bet today on races that will run tomorrow?
  • What’s a “wheel?”
  • Is the Daily Double only wagered on Race 1 and 2?
  • How do the carryover pools work?  What if there are multiple winners today?
  • The horse I bet to “Show” actually won the race.  How much will I collect?
  • Can I box more than 2 horses in an Exacta?  More than 3 in a Trifecta?
  • The horse I bet on got scratched 2 minutes before the race.  What happens now?
  • The horse I bet on threw it’s rider.  Do I get a refund?
  • I really like the 1A horse, but there’s no “1A” button on the machine.  How do I bet the 1A?
  • Why won’t this machine take my credit card?
  • My friend won so much money on one race he had to go and fill out papers for the IRS.  What’s that all about?
  • What’s the “Polytrack” made of?
  • How many furlongs in a mile?
  • Why do horses get scratched?