2021 Health and Safety Regulations

2021 Health and Safety Regulations


As you prepare for your visit, please know that we have made changes based on CDC guidance and appropriate government agencies.

Any individual aged two and older and able to medically tolerate a mask shall be required to wear a mask when indoors in a public place, regardless of vaccination status.Mask refers to a complete and tight knit fabric or cloth, or medical mask that is appropriately sized for the individual’s face to snuggly cover the nasal openings and mouth without the necessity of being held in place by the individual’s hands. Masks may be removed at restaurants, bars and other eating/drinking establishments by patrons when they are actively eating/drinking while stationary.

To provide adequate social distancing venue capacity is limited and guests are asked to remain seated in their ticketed section unless in line for wagering, concessions, or restrooms.

At this time, guests will have access to the Paddock. Indoor gathering or congregating will not be permitted with the exception of indoor venues. Visual markers and signage will be in placed throughout the facility to ensure compliance and facilitate traffic flow to prevent congestion in high-traffic areas.

Hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the facility and guests are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.  

For the safety of others please do not visit Arlington if you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

By visiting Arlington, you voluntarily agree to assume full liability for any risks incurred before, during, or after the event and release, discharge and waive against Arlington International Racecourse, LLC and its parent, Churchill Downs, Inc. any and all claims for losses, injuries, death of or damages to persons or property.


Fully vaccinated Guests and Team Members are no longer required to wear masks in our facility at Arlington International Racecourse and Arlington OTB’s.  

Choose a mask with a Nose Wire

A nose wire is a metal strip along the top of the mask

Nose wires prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask.

Bend the nose wire over your nose to fit close to your face.

Use a Mask Fitter or Brace

Use a mask fitter or brace over a disposable mask or a cloth mask to prevent air from leaking around the edges of the mask.

Check that it Fits Snugly over your nose, mouth, and chin

Check for gaps by cupping your hands around the outside edges of the mask.

Make sure no air is flowing from the area near your eyes or from the sides of the mask.

If the mask has a good fit, you will feel warm air come through the front of the mask and may be able to see the mask material move in and out with each breath.

Add Layers of material. 2 ways to layer

Use a cloth mask that has multiple layers of fabric.

Wear one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask.

The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face.

Make sure you can see and breathe easily

Knot and Tuck ear loops of a 3-ply mask

Knot the ear loops of a 3-ply face mask where they join the edge of the mask

Fold and tuck the unneeded material under the edges

Do not

Combine two disposable masks

Disposable masks are not designed to fit tightly and wearing more than one will not improve fit.

Combine a KN95 mask with any other mask.

Only use one KN95 mask at a time.