Group Outings

Ride and Drives

Our enormous parking lot holds no obstructions. With a myriad of different parking lot configurations, there is ample space and opportunity for planning a large- or small- scale event. You’ll be sure to find the space you need to showcase vehicles and create drive courses along with dealer or buyer education seminars.

Other amenities offered by Arlington International include tents, tables, chairs, linens, meeting rooms, catering, hospitality rooms, parking lot lighting, lot sweeping, security, port-o-lets and water trucks. For more information check out our Events & Expos Brochure or call 847.385.7550

Once the space in our facility has been reserved through our Sales Department and you have signed a License Agreement for its use, our Event Management Department becomes your primary source of information. You will be assigned an Event Manager as soon as you are issued a contract for the space. Your Event Manager will work with you on every aspect of the planning process.