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His Highness the Aga Khan's Studs Ltd.

The Aga Khan, or Shah Karim al-Hussayni, His Highness The Aga Khan IV, was born on December 13th 1936, and has become one of the most prolific racehorse owner and breeder in the world. One of the Aga Khan's main sources of income is his horseracing interests. The Aga Kahn owns and operates the biggest horse racing and breeding operation in France. It is located in the Picardie region of the country at his vast and sprawling Aiglemont estate, which is barely four kilometers from Chantilly Racecourse. He is passionate about horse racing and his investments in the sport have been large and highly publicized. In 1977 for instance, the Aga Kahn paid 1.3 million pounds for the bloodstock owned by Anna Dupre. A year later he paid 4.7 million pounds for the late Marcel Boussac's bloodstock. Since then his horse racing interests have grown dramatically and he now also owns Gilltown Stud near Kilcullen in Ireland as well as Haras de Bonneval breeding farm at Le Mesnil-Mauger in France. In 2005 he acquired the Calvados stud farms, the Haras d'Ouilly in Pont-d'Ouilly as well as the Haras de Val-Henry in Livarot.