Arlington Million

John Haran

John Haran is the owner and operator of Eagle Valley Farm and serves as its trainer as well. Haran played Gaelic football, or rugby as Americans know it, for about 15 of his younger years and coached for another five.

Then, after coming to the United States in 1985, Haran got into the construction business for another two decades, but when the bottom fell out of that industry about five years ago Haran became increasingly involved with breeding, owning and now training Thoroughbreds.

He was always around horses growing up. His grandfather was a blacksmith, and he grew up on a family farm back in Ireland, and after he came to this U.S. he owned and operated Eagle Valley Farm in Kentucky. He owned and raced a couple of horses and then retired them to be broodmares but  one or two broodmares quickly became five or 10 and pretty soon that number grew to about 80. That was way too many. Now, he's down to about 40.

Although he owned a lot of horses and had to have a trainer's license to operate the training center in Kentucky, he had other trainers race them for me at the track including Eddie Kenneally, Frank Kirby, Ray Sibille and Eduardo Caramori.

In 2011, he started training my own horses