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Arlington Cash Cards One of Several Innovations Planned for 2008 Meet

Churchill Downs Communications | 04/22/2008 #

Arlington Park will be one of the first tracks in the United States to offer cashless wagering with the use of “cash cards.”

Called the “Arlington Cash Card”, these new, anonymous cards are bringing wagering into the 21st century. Simply put, guests can purchase a plastic cash card with any value they chose and use these cards in any self-service terminal to wager via an account. Twin Spires Club members can link these accounts to their existing TSC card to receive full credit for all of their wagering activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cash Cards

The Arlington Cash Card is one of several innovations on tap for the 2008 meeting that gets underway on Friday, May 2.

The most noticeable change for players will be the introduction of the new V3000e terminals, which will replace all of Arlington’s older cash accepting machines, and the new F3000e terminals, which will replace the smaller “flip” terminals. This state-of-the-art technology will allow for an expanded wagering interface and offer Equibase program and past performance data on the terminal.

In addition, all of these terminals support the new Arlington Cash Cards and will be installed in time for Opening Day. These new terminals will also be installed at most of Arlington’s Trackside off-track wagering operations.

Arlington Park will also offer expanded account wagering in the box seats and areas and in the Million Room. Introduced last year on a limited basis, these completely paperless terminals allow guests to place wagers in the comfort and convenience of their box seat or dining table with no more waiting in line or being shut out. Once a guest opens an account, they are free to wager on any race at any track. All winnings, including refunds, are automatically deposited into the account and are available for additional wagering activity.

As part of our Arlington Park’s continuing effort to lead the way in offering exciting new wagering opportunities to our fans, we will be making the following changes and additions to our wagering menu in 2008:

· High-5 Wager – Arlington Park will become the first Illinois track to offer the High-5 wager, which requires the bettor to correctly select the first 5 finishers (in order) on a designated race. If nobody hits the wager, the entire net pool will carryover to the next scheduled High-5 race, creating the potential of a life-altering payoff. The High 5 wager will be offered on one race daily.

· Addition of Rolling Doubles – we will offer a Daily Double (meaning a guest is asked to pick the winner of two consecutive races) on every available race in 2008.

· Superfecta Consolation – if there are no correct superfecta combinations on a race, 90% of the net pool will carryover to the next regularly scheduled superfecta race while a 10% consolation will be paid out to those correctly selecting the first three official finishers.

· The Pick 4 carryover, introduced last year, has been increased to 90% - meaning that 90% of the net pool will carryover to next day’s corresponding Pick 4 (early-to-early; late-to-late) with a 10% consolation paid out to those correctly selecting three of the four official winners.

· The minimum wager on the Pick 6 has been reduced to $1 for the 2008. The Pick 6 will be offered on the final six races each day. The 75% carryover provision will remain in effect for 2008, with a 25% consolation paid out to those correctly selecting the most official winners on days the wager is not hit. In addition, on days the wager is hit, a 25% “minor” pool will be paid to those correctly selecting five out of six.