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Arlington Safety Efforts Will Require All Jockeys to Enroll in Electronic Medical Record Database

| Churchill Downs Communications | 04/15/2010 #

Effective with the start of its 2010 race meet on Thursday, April 29, Arlington Park announced today that it would join Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Ky in requiring participating jockey's to enroll in an electronic medical records database.

All jockeys riding at Arlington Park in 2010 will have to enroll in the Jockey Health Information System, an internet-based medical history database developed by Keeneland's medical director, Dr. Barry Schumer. Dr. Schumer has worked on the e-health system along with The Jockey Club and its subsidiary InCompass.

The Jockey Health Information System has been in place since 2008, but prior to the 2010 meet at Arlington participation by its riders had been voluntary.

"The safety and health of our jockeys is of the utmost importance to us," said Roy Arnold, Arlington Park president.  "Arlington Park has always been an industry leader and by mandating the jockey colony's participation in this important program we can ensure that our riders will have the highest quality of care. We applaud Keeneland's example and echo Dr. Schumer's hope that other tracks will adopt similar requirements in the interest of standardizing quality health care for jockeys."

In the event of a spill, the track's emergency medical technicians and first-aid medical staff will have instant access to each rider's medical health information. That information will assist medical professionals in providing immediate on-site care.  That information will then be forwarded electronically to Northwest Community Hospital, a Level II trauma center located less than three miles from racetrack.

Northwest Community Hospital's trauma center is equipped to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries. It provides 24-hour availability of all essential specialties and personnel and equipment, such as surgical specialists.

In addition, beginning in 2010, Arlington Park mandates that safety vests which meet ASTM International standards (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials) be worn by all persons mounted on a horse or stable pony (to include all jockeys, exercise riders, outriders, pony riders, trainers and assistant trainers). In addition, the required Safety Vests will also be worn by the starting gate crew members during schooling and the afternoon races. The vests are designed to provide maximum protection of the entire torso from the collarbone to the hipbone.

Safety helmets must be worn by all persons mounted on a horse or stable pony (to include all jockeys, exercise riders, outriders, pony riders, trainers and assistant trainers) on the racetrack and must meet ASTM International standards. Safety helmets are tested to ensure they provide maximum protection from head injuries.

All licenses must wear an ASTM approved Safety Vest, designed to provide shock absorption protection, and a properly secured ASTM approved Safety Helmet at all times when mounted on a horse and/or stable pony when racing, parading, or warming up a horse prior to racing; or jogging or exercising a horse at any time.
**The licensee is responsible for providing sufficient evidence that his/her ASTM approved Safety Helmet and ASTM approved Safety Vest meet all applicable safety standards.