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Rene Douglas Updates - last update 7/1/09

Churchill Downs Communications | 07/01/2009 #

Family and friends of jockey Rene Douglas have established a bank account to receive donations specific for the injured rider and his family. Those wishing to donate should send checks made payable to Rene Douglas in care of Citibank, 539 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611.

Douglas has been released from the hospital and is now undergoing rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Fans and friends wishing to send cards and flowers may do so by sending them to:

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
c/o Rene Douglas room 744
345 E Superior St
Chicago, IL 60611

Please send more cards and he needs new flowers

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Recent updates on Rene's condition as provided by Doreen Razo, wife of jockey Eddie Razo Jr., who is helping the family during their time:

From Rene Douglas June 30
I want to thank you for all your support, your prayers and all your messages. I've been trying to read all of your posts and little by little I will catch up.

I've been trying to start therapy but I've had a few issues with my lungs and that has prevented me from starting rehab in full. I'm getting stronger everyday with the help of my family and friends and I will give my best once I go back to rehab.

The road ahead of me will be long and hard but I'm ready to face it and to do the best I can to complete it and to achieve the best results possible.

I would love to thank each one of you personally but if I did that I wouldn't have enough time to do therapy. Just know that I appreciate it and that your support inspires me everyday to continue and to give my all.

With Love,
Rene Douglas


From Doreen Razo - June 17
Just returned from the visiting Rene and family in the rehab facility. He was moved there on Monday and is settling in and has a busy daily schedule. He is a strong person but a little sore from exercising but wants to keep going. He's eating well and headed in the right direction. I will post the address for more cards since he moved.

From Doreen Razo - June 5
Got down to the hospital today and wow he looks and sounds great. Still has some stuff on his lungs but they did move him out of ICU and moved him to the 10 floor.The Doctors seemed pleased at his progress and he is eating good but still needs to get more sleep and rest. We talked about horses and pedigrees so that is what he likes to talk about he always enjoyed discussing breeding. He will watch the Belmont tomorrow with his family. So Many Thank you's go out to the the people who have sent cards and flowers. It's going to be a long road but he seems to be on the right track to recovery. Keep those positve thoughts and prayers coming and we will have to wait patiently. From Doreen Razo - Wed., June 3
Didn't go down to the hospital today but was in contact with his wife Naty. Rene had some fluid removed from one lung and does breathing treatments during the day. The best news of all is that his kids arrived today to see him and his oldest son's birthday is tomorrow. So we are going to give them some family time and let him rest and gather strength. He is progressing and staying postive and strong. So we will patiently wait and let him visit with the kids. I know that has to lift his spirits.

From Doreen Razo - Tues., June 2
As of 8:15 pm he was resting, he still is in pain and has some mucus and fluid on his left lung. But he has been able to cough and move it around so that is good. His fever is down and he is tired and needs rest. Visitors have been limited so that he can concentrate on what his body needs. He is able to eat a little and it's only been 10 days and he has come a long way in those days. Patience is a virtue at this point. He is strong and sharp minded and wants to thank everyone for all of there prayers and support. He is overwhelmed with the response of the get well wishes and cards and please keep them coming.

From Doreen Razo - Mon., June 1
GREAT NEWS I did not go to the hospital today but I was just notified that he has been taken off the respirator and has asked for ice cream or jello. He still is sore and and is going to need time to gather his strength as well as his voice. But at least now he can communicate and that's huge.

From Doreen Razo - Sat., May 31
Sorry a little late this evening, got back late from the hospital but I also have a son, husband and 7 horses that I have to check over. No real changes in Rene's condition he's stable they took some tests this evening which were all fine and they have him resting comfortably. He might have over done it yesterday with everything they have to do as part of his recover and treatment. So they gave him some meds so he will get a full nights rest. They do take an am chest xray just to check on the rib fractures. They removed the last drain tube from his chest today so he has no more drain tubes. He was sleeping comfortably when I left tonight. That's all hopeful and e have to keep the power of strength going his way.