Arlington International Racecourse announced today longtime racing official, David White, has been named Racing Secretary.

White brings many years of proven racing experience to the role, having recently served as Arlington’s Assistant Racing Secretary for ten years and as a racing official at both Arlington and Hawthorne Racecourse for the past eighteen years. He joined Arlington in 2004 as a Placing Judge and has held a number of roles within the racing office during that time.

“David is a uniquely qualified individual to assume the role of Racing Secretary at Arlington having successfully and consistently represented the racing office in various capacities. He has cultivated an outstanding relationship with owners and trainers all over the country and has the experience to build a quality race program,” said Arlington International Racecourse President, Tony Petrillo. “Over its 94-year history, Arlington has gone through many challenges and has always found a way to rise above and succeed, and David is the right person to lead our racing office to a successful racing season.”

White is looking forward to his new role in the racing office. “The opportunity to serve as Racing Secretary at the most beautiful, and one of the most well know racetracks in the country, is an honor and the highlight of my long career,” said Dave White. “I am looking forward to continuing the work that we’ve already started to make the 2021 racing season a great one for the horsemen and for Arlington. We have an outstanding team in the office this year and I am flattered to have such quality people behind me.”

Part of that team is newly named Assistant Racing Secretary, Meagan Simpson. Simpson has earned the role with her eleven years of experience in the racing office. She has served as both Program and Stakes Coordinator along with numerous other duties. Simpson was raised in a racing family. Her father, Herschel Davis, worked at Chicago area racetracks for many years, and her mother, Liane Davis, and twin brother, Chris Davis, are both trainers.

“Meagan brings a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of horse racing and has the energy and enthusiasm that will add excitement to the office,” said Petrillo. “She has worked her way up through the ranks of racing and her expertise, coupled with David’s depth of knowledge and experience gives Arlington leadership that will be respected and appreciated by horsemen.”

Arlington’s Opening Day is scheduled for April 30, 2021.

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