An Important Message from Arlington International Racecourse

We thought the issue of "stall rent" was clarified and put to rest earlier this month. These are false rumors and innuendos being distributed by two individuals on self serving mission that are designed to scare horsemen.

Please see the following letter below that was distributed earlier this month addressing the mis-statement regarding stall rent.

"You may have heard or read information about the term "stall rent" used in reference to Arlington's 2013 race meet. We have never intended to charge "stall rent" across the board for anyone racing horses at Arlington. This was explained to and understood by a committee of horsemen that are working with us to finalize a 2013 race meet contract. We all agreed that no one should be permitted to use the facility solely as a training center and occupy stalls that may be used for horsemen that want to race at Arlington. We sought to solve this issue by having those horsemen that have stalls and are not racing at Arlington to pay a fee. We established a goal or optimum number of starts per stall per month and drafted set guidelines to govern any potential fee. As with any policy we understand the necessity to be flexible.

"We understand that there are circumstances that may make it difficult for a trainer to reach the optimum number of starts per stall. With that in mind we drafted a set of guidelines to make accommodations for those circumstances. A copy is attached and we encourage your comments. In fact, if you wish to assist us in finalizing the guidelines please contact Chris Polzin or myself. It is our intent to work with horsemen to implement and refine the guidelines in 2013 with no fees and have the full implementation with a fee in 2014. This policy is intended to protect both the horsemen and the track, to protect the trainers who are racing who may want additional stalls, to protect the purses for owners, to protect handle and to protect the track from carrying the burden of paying expenses for individuals that use the track solely as a training center.

"A second issue arose from our conversations with the committee of horsemen regarding trainers who skip overnight races at Arlington choosing to ship to other tracks to run in races with similar conditions. This reduces field size, which reduces handle, which reduces purses. We all agreed that we cannot allow this issue to have a negative impact on our purse account and our industry. Rather than excluding a trainer from participating in future races a fee of $100 will be imposed on any trainer whose horse is stabled at Arlington and races at other tracks while the same races are offered at Arlington. To discourage this practice, this fee will be imposed before the horse is permitted to return to Arlington.

"We feel that these policies will effect a very small percentage of horsemen, but with the competition for horses from other states and with the continual decline of the horse population it is necessary at this time to do everything thing we can to increase field size, increase handle and increase purses. We share the belief that it is in the best interest of the industry to have every available horse that is stabled on our backstretch to be supporting races at Arlington.

"In the meantime if you have any questions I encourage you to take the opportunity to contact me or Chris Polzin.

"On behalf of everyone at Arlington International Racecourse, thank you for your time we look forward to a successful 2013 race meet.


Tony Petrillo
General Manager

Arlington International Racecourse