Picnic Pass (Cooler)

Picnic Pass

Coolers may not exceed 12"X12"X7" (12 inches long X 12 inches high X 7 inches deep). Bags may not exceed 36" in circumference and not exceed 12" in height. *Any cooler or bag exceeding these limitations will be charged a $5 FEE FOR EACH COOLER OR BAG (If a family has 3 coolers/bags over the limit, would be charged $15). Any cooler or bag within these limitations will NOT be charged the $5 fee. One complimentary cooler within these limitations per person.

“Picnic Passes” can be purchased online, over the phone or at the gate. This pass will be redeemed for an outside food and beverage tag at either Grandstand or Clubhouse gates after the cooler or bag has been checked by Arlington International’s Guest Service Staff. Arlington Preferred Plus memberships includes an Arlington International cooler that will allow you to bring in food and beverages without the $5 fee.

Arlington International Cooler

March 28, 2014 - 9:44am