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Using Arlington's New Self-Service Machines

In 2012 – Arlington and all Illinois Trackside locations changed Tote systems to United Tote in order to bring to you – our valued customer – the latest in state-of-the-art technology!

Watch these informative videos

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  • In most cases, currently active AmTote wagering accounts were transferred to United Tote. Customers can simply log on to the United Tote terminal and wager. Balances will be transferred. The balances of Cash Cards, dormant accounts, and any account that cannot be transferred will be kept in the Arlington Mutuel Office. Customers providing the correct account number and PIN will be paid their balance, but this process may not be immediate, and accounts presented after 5:00 PM and on weekends may not be paid until the next business day.
  • It is easy to load money onto your existing account wagering cards (please note that the “1” card will not work on the new Tote machines at this time).
    • Simply swipe your account wagering card with the magnetic stripe facing down
    • Enter your PIN to login, where you will be asked to login and change your PIN
    • Once logged in, push the DEPOSIT button on the bottom-left portion of the machine and load the desired amount onto the card
    • Swipe your card again and a receipt will print – you are now ready to wager.
  • To wager simply: 
    • Swipe your card 
    • Enter your PIN 
    • Wager as you would on any UnitedTote terminal 

To wager on our new UnitedTote Self Service Machines:

Insert voucher, cash card, cash or winning ticket.

Event and Race Tabs 

Featured track (generally Arlington or the Illinois track operating at that day and time) is at the top of the screen.You can go right to that race by touching the name of the track.  

Additional tracks are displayed according to minutes-to-post. You will always know “who’s up next”. Touch the track name to go that track.

Your patron’s balance is always visible.

Tickets can be viewed by touching the Tickets/Balance tab.

Amount Tab
Once the track has been selected, you are taken to the Amount Screen where you can touch the program to display runner’s names, jockey, trainer, weight, current odds and the $2 prices.

Odds and odds trends are listed in real time.

You begin betting  by first entering the Amount of your wager which will appear on the virtual ticket at the bottom of the screen. Custom wager amounts can be entered by touching the Custom Amount button. Once the amount is entered, the screen will bring up the pools

Prior to entering any wagering information, a patron may choose a different track by touching Change Track.

Pool Tab
Enter the desired Pool..  It appears on the virtual ticket and the screen automatically advances to the Runners Screen.

At any time during the wager, you can change information by touching either the “Back” button or the desired Tab at the top of the screen. 







Runners Tab
To select a runner or runners, touch the number of the runner(s) using the number keys.

To select multiple runners in just one leg of a race, use the With button. In this example, enter 1 With 3,6. An example of multiple runners in the first leg would be 1,3 With 6.

Runners can be deselected by using the Clear Position button (in this example, clear position would clear the 3,6) or the Clear All button which would clear the 1 and the 3,6.

Runners can also be cleared by touching the box in which they appear and then de-selecting the desired runner using the number buttons.

To Box the bet, touch the Box button as shown in this example. This boxed bet consists of the wagers 1 with 3,6 and 3,6 with 1.

The total amount of the bet so far will always appear in the virtual ticket. When the bet is complete, touch Accept Bet. The track, amount and pool will remain until the patron chooses New Bet or selects individual item using the tabs.

Notice the Power Tools button which will bring up a matrix of all combinations of runners that are available to bet on in this Exacta race.

Power Tools
Two-position pools contain a link to the Power Tool – a grid displaying the real-time probables or all possible combinations.

This list may be sorted by either runners or odds.

Patrons may enter their runners directly from this screen or they may return to the runners screen by touching "Exit Power Tools".

Race Results
Patrons can view results and prices by touching the Race tab and then touching a race number that has been completed and is official.

When wagering is completed touch Finish.

When wagering using cash or voucher, all tickets and a voucher with any remaining balance will print..OR.. When cashless wagering using a FastBet card, all wagers will be issued and, along with your balance, will be stored on the system. No paper ticket is printed.