Mobile Wagering

  • Mobile Wagering


Wagering With FastBet Mobile

  • Visit the 2nd floor Membership Service Center for a list of approved devices and to request and account card. Create an account following FastBet enrollment instructions that they will provide you.

  • Add funds to your account at any self-service terminal. Look for the “Deposit” button after you sign on.

  • Once connected to the “Arlington FastBet” wi-fi network, use your Web browser to access

  • Add your account login and password

  • Start placing your bets!

FastMobile Betting

Arlington International launched FastBet Mobile in 2012. FastBet Mobile gives you the ability to bet using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere on the Arlington grounds.

Whether you are watching from along the rail, having a picnic in the Park area, scoping out the horses in the paddock, eating in one of our fine restaurants or hanging with friends in the outdoor seating areas, FastBet Mobile is available in the palm of your hand.

FastBet Mobile works on iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys and iPads. Never wait in line again – wager what you want, when you want.

FastBet Mobile is also available in all Illinois Trackside locations.

Helpful tips for successful mobile wagering

  • When trying to make a bet, don’t walk around or move about. STOP to place your bet! If you are moving around, you can lose your wireless signal and run the risk of being locked out of a bet!

  • Be sure to check your wagering history by clicking on the History tab to ensure that your bets went through!