Trackside OTB

Final Fridays Handicapping Contest

The last Friday of every month
All Trackside OTB locations. Only available at Trackside Arlington in April, September, October, November & December. Not available at Mr. D's Sports Bar.
  • $5 entry fee - includes free simulcast program
  • Survivor-style pick-6 contest: pick all 6 winners and you hit the jackpot!
  • Choose between a thoroughbred entry & a harness entry, or play both! You may play up to 2 entries per contest day.
  • Both thoroughbred & harness jackpot prize pools will be pooled together from ALL LOCATIONS.
  • Jackpot prize pool starts at $500!
  • If there isn't a winner, the jackpot prize pool will carry over to the next contest day. If there is a winner, the jack pot prize pool will start back at $500 the following contest day.
  • If a player selects all 6 winners correctly, he/she will win the jackpot prize pool! If there are multiple winners, the pool will be split.

No jackpot winners so the winnners of the mandatory payout are:

Harness Contest: Frank P., Jack O., and Rob S.

Thoroughbred Contest: Anthony P. and Mike H.

Official Rules Click here for Official Contest Rules.